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Our Story

Royalty Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. is proud of their heritage for over a century as a prominent business house in Sri Lanka. ROYALTY, as we are more popularly known, pledge to uphold the traditions and ethics set down by our forefathers and leave a similar legacy for the future generations to continue with integrity and pride.


The history of ROYALTY can be traced back to the late 19th century when Ebramjee Hassanally set sail to Sri Lanka from a small town in the Gujarat region of India, in search of brighter prospects.  He started from humble beginnings located in Pettah – the country’s main wholesale market. His son, the late Mohamedally Ebramjee inherited the business and continued to prosper. Today Huzaifa Mohamedally chairman and C.E.O of ROYALTY LANKA (PVT) LTD. continues to build on the strong foundation and goodwill left by his forefathers.

What we do

Being supplied by the world’s leading paper producers, Royalty is maintaining an extensive product range of paper and paperboard for various applications. Our excellent fine paper & paperboard gives your product what it deserves; an impressive appearance.

Our Vision

To achieve and observe the highest standards 
of business principles and ethics set down 
by our forefathers and leave a similar legacy 
for our future generations, to uphold 
the traditions and customs of our predecessors.